Fitness to forms

We are often asked to complete “Fitness to” forms. As these vary considerably as to exactly what information is required, any patient who has a form that they might wish us to complete will need to let the surgery have the form and all relating documentation for us to review before we are able to say whether it is something we can do or not. These should be handed into reception – please do not book an appointment. Once we have the forms and documentation we will review the documentation within 10 days of receiving it.  These forms are outside of the scope of NHS work and therefore if we are able to complete them there will be a charge for doing so. This will range from £21 for a simple review of notes and signature to £84 if a medical or indepth review of your medial records is required. However generally when the request is for Fitness to undertake a specific activity or sport then we will probably not be able to complete the forms.