BANES Integrated Care Record

We would like to give notice that we will sign up to the local BANES integarated care record at the end of February – here are some details about it.

Local Information Sharing

Your GP electronic patient record is held securely and confidentially on an electronic system called SystmOne TPP managed by us. If you require attention from a health professional in the Emergency Department, Out Of Hours service, or community service such as the district nurses, the professionals treating you are better able to give you safe and effective care if relevant information from your GP record is available to them.

We are able to share information electronically with other local health and care providers that also use SystmOne. Depending on the service you are using and your health and care needs, this may involve the professional accessing your GP electronic patient record.

In all cases, your information is only accessed and used by authorised health and social care professionals in locally based organisations who are involved in providing or supporting your direct care. Before sharing information we will ensure that there is an appropriate need and reason to share it. If we need to share information that you may not be aware of, we will do our best to let you know.

We are also able to share with health and social care staff outside of SystmOne TPP. Information will be shared securely via phone, email or post, or through integrated care record systems between local health and social care organisations. Integrated care record systems only allow staff to access the information they need for the job they do. more information can be found at the following weblink

If you wish to opt out them please contact the surgery